Can I install Wood Flooring over Tile?

Can I install Wood Flooring over Tile?

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Can I install Wood Flooring over Tile?

What seemed attractive ten or twenty years ago may now appear hopelessly obsolete. Customers may think about switching from tile to wooden flooring as a result. If the floor is in good condition and free of cracks, installing wooden flooring over tiled flooring can be very cost-effective.

If you’re doing this, it’s crucial to take a few things into account before moving forward:

Assess the Condition of the Tiles

Before proceeding, examine the condition of the existing tile floor. It should be in good shape, without any loose or damaged tiles. If the tile floor is uneven or has significant cracks, it may need to be repaired or levelled before installing wood flooring.

Bronx Oak Flooring
Wood flooring can be installed over Ceramic or Porcelain tiles.

The Right Type of Tile matters

It is best to install wood flooring over ceramic or porcelain tiles. Installing wooden flooring over natural stone tiles like slate or marble is best avoided, as these may have different expansion and contraction rates, leading to potential problems.

Check for Height Differences

Measure the height of the tile in comparison to adjacent flooring in other rooms. You’ll want a smooth transition between rooms. If there’s a significant height difference, you may need to use a transition strip or consider levelling the tile surface.

Carbon Oak Parquet flooring
Carbon Oak Parquet flooring being installed.

Clean and Prepare the Tile Surface

The tile surface should be smooth and even. Fill grout lines and level any uneven areas to create a flat surface for the wood flooring. Thoroughly clean the tile surface to remove any dirt, debris, or adhesive residue. You may need to use a suitable tile cleaner and ensure the surface is completely dry before proceeding.

Install a Moisture Barrier

It’s advisable to install a moisture barrier or underlayment to prevent moisture from the tile from affecting the wood flooring, especially if the tile is in a wet area like a bathroom or kitchen.

Goldline 3mm Underlay
The Underlay prevents any moisture coming from the tile from affecting the wood flooring.

Installing your Wood Flooring

Follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions for your chosen wood flooring. Typically, this involves gluing or floating the flooring over the tile using adhesive or a click-lock system. Use a professional installer with experience laying wood flooring over tile. They can assess the situation properly and ensure a successful installation.

Leave an adequate Expansion Gap

We recommend you leave a 10 to 15mm expansion gap around the edges of the room to allow for the natural expansion and contraction of the wood flooring. Cover this gap with baseboards or quarter-round molding.

Golden Oak hand scraped flooring

Golden Oak hand scraped flooring sets the tone for this reception area.


Installing wood flooring over tile may void warranties, so check with the wood flooring manufacturer and the tile manufacturer to see if they allow this type of installation without any issues. If you have any doubts or concerns, we recommend you consult with a professional installer who can assess the specific conditions in your space and provide guidance tailored to your situation.

Additionally, local building codes and regulations may dictate certain requirements for flooring installations, so be sure to check with your local authorities if necessary.

After installing the wood flooring, the next step involves completing the finishing touches, such as staining or sealing. This will protect the wood and enhance its appearance.

If you have done your homework well for proper preparation and installation, you can enjoy a long-lasting wood flooring installation over tile. Need help with fixing your floor over tiles or in a specific space? Consulting with professionals or designers can help. Your best bet: call us!

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