Wood Flooring: Where to install it?

Wood Flooring: Where to install it?

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Wood Flooring: Where to install it?

Wood flooring is a popular, must-have option that adds warmth, style, and natural beauty to a home or commercial space. It is produced from a variety of different trees like Oak, Maple, Walnut and Elm. It comes in many styles, grades, and finishes, giving you a wide range of options to suit different interior design preferences.

Wood Floors vs Carpet: Which one’s better?

A clear winner here is wood, with multiple advantages over carpet: Besides being a natural insulator that keeps heat in, wood is durable and can last the test of time, and it also increases the value of your home.

Where can you install Wood Flooring?

Here are some places where these floors are commonly installed:

Living Room

Wood floors add warmth and grace to a living room, making them a popular choice for many homeowners. With many advantages, from the aesthetics and look to making it a vibrant area to entertain guests, family, and friends, wood will always add a touch of class. You can spruce up your living room with many design options, such as Chevron, Herringbone, Versailles panels, and planks – not to mention the Herringbone parquet. With many more styles being introduced continuously, wood is truly a versatile feature for your home.

Dining Rooms

Wood floors have been around for ages and are popular with countless commercial restaurants, bars, and hotels. Well, if it is good enough for them, it must be a perfect solution for your dining room as well!

Versailles Reclaimed Elm Flooring

COZY & WARM: Versailles Reclaimed Elm Flooring warms up the look of this bedroom.


Wood flooring is increasingly popular in bedrooms nowadays. One of the reasons is that it is hypoallergenic — it doesn’t have fibres that could trap bacteria and mites. With so many people suffering from allergies, this is a great solution for carpet floors. While wood floors are easy to clean, carpets will continue to hold bacteria, mites, and allergens in the fibres, even after deep cleaning, and hoovering. Mites can trigger attacks in those with allergies or more severe respiratory issues. Compared to carpets, wood has a higher thermal mass, making it ideal for keeping your bedroom warm through those cold winter days.


The hallway is like an entrance to your castle. Using wood here can bestow a unique, inviting look to your home. Installing wood flooring in hallways is always a great option, as it is hard-wearing and can withstand the daily traffic of family and friends. It gives your home a natural look that carpets and laminates cannot achieve.


Oak wood floors are commonly used in kitchens as they are hard-wearing and create a warm and inviting space. While some might avoid these in kitchens due to concerns about potential water damage, modern wood floors with proper sealants can counter this. Lacquered floors, popular in the early days due to the sealed lacquer, have now been replaced with oiled floors that have the added protection of hard wax. This is a good option since scratches on oiled wood floors can be easily repaired without sanding. A wood floor will be much more forgiving as compared to a tiled floor when you accidentally drop your phone or a precious crockery item onto it!

Classic Unfinished Oak Chevron Flooring

SMOKING HOT: The Classic Unfinished Oak Chevron Flooring gives a smoking hot look to this kitchen.


A wood floor will create a lovely ambiance in your office. It scores over the carpet as it is great for wearability. Wood flooring is easier to clean and requires minimal maintenance. Besides, it can be sanded over time, bringing it up to look like the day you purchased it.

Commercial / Retail Spaces

Wood flooring ticks all the boxes in Commercial and Retail Spaces as it is visually appealing.  It can be that important design feature, with its style and color that uplifts the whole space. Moreover, you would certainly want a durable floor for your office.  This will take care of all the foot traffic or chairs, and especially those high heels that have never had the rubber heel replaced!

Libraries and Studies

Wood floors are a classic choice for libraries and studies, as they creates a welcoming sanctuary and provides a traditional and refined look to these spaces. A bonus here is durability, ease of cleaning, and maintenance. You will find a lovely range of Geometric wood floors created specifically for libraries and studies nowadays. These have  created excitement in the flooring industry, with designs becoming more interesting and bolder. Here’s a stunning Geometric floor that one of our suppliers has installed.

A stunning Geometric Wood Flooring Design
A WELCOMING SANCTUARY: Geometric Wood Floorings are being created specifically for libraries and studies.

Factors to consider when fixing wood floors

It is crucial to consider the wood type, finish, and level of traffic in the area when fixing wood floors. Proper installation and maintenance can increase the life and beauty of your wood floor. Need help with fixing your floor in a specific space? Consulting with professionals or designers can help. Your best bet: call us!

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Woodfloors4u is a wood flooring company that has supplied custom, commercial, residential, eco-friendly, and reclaimed wood flooring for the last 17 years. They deliver quality, and catchy designs coupled with finish and colors to match all your needs. Many of their floors are FSC® or PEFC® approved, so you can be sure the timber was sourced from sustainable forests.

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