Versailles Wood Flooring: The Story, The Style, The Benefits

Versailles Wood Flooring: The Story, The Style, The Benefits

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Versailles Wood Flooring: The Story, The Style, The Benefits

Versailles Wood Flooring: The Story, The Style, The Benefits

When you want to add sophistication and elegance to your home, Versailles wood flooring brings an immediate feeling of luxury to any room. Originally installed in the French Palace of Versailles, this striking flooring was a firm favourite with royalty and is becoming more and more popular with discerning homeowners today.

What is Versailles Wood Flooring?

If you’ve ever visited a stately home, it’s very likely that you have walked across a majestic Versailles wood floor. Versaille wood flooring is parquet wood flooring with an intricate interwoven pattern of floorboards that are cut into rectangles, triangles and squares. The pattern has an elegant geometry that provides great visual appeal and which will create a stunning style statement in any home.

Versailles Wood Panels – A Story Steeped in History

To truly appreciate the beauty and history of Versailles wood flooring, you need to take a step back in time. This type of parquet flooring first trended in the 16th century and graced many residences of the wealthy. In 1625, it was Somerset House in London, then known as Denmark House, that was the first to import this exquisite flooring style to Britain. However, it was the King of France, Louis XIV, who really raised the bar for this style of parquet flooring. In 1684, he ordered all of the cold and high maintenance marble floors in the Versailles Palace to be replaced with warm, rich parquet wood panels. An instant hit with the French aristocracy, Versailles wood flooring, with its distinctive diamond shapes and framed diagonals, was born.

What Wood Works Best With Versailles Wood Flooring?

Maybe that question should be what wood doesn’t work best with Versailles wood flooring. The great thing about this luxury wood flooring is its versatility. Practically any wood that can be used as hardwood flooring can be installed in a Versailles design. From Ash and Birch to Walnut and White Oak, there are so many options to choose from when considering this flooring solution.

The Many Benefits of Versailles Wood Flooring

Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal of Versaille wood flooring, this type of flooring offers a number of additional benefits:

  • Adds a luxurious look and opulent feel to any space
  • Lends itself perfectly to older, larger houses but is also at home in more modern spaces
  • Works best in larger areas where its impact can be truly appreciated
  • Creates a unique statement piece

Another big benefit of Versailles wood flooring is that you can create your very own Versailles wood panel. If you are looking for a truly unique feel to your flooring, speak to our team and we will work closely with you to create your own bespoke design.

Add a Touch of Grandeur to Your Home

At Woodfloors4u, our expert design consultants will work closely with you to select the pattern, wood and colour for your Versailles wood flooring. We’ll walk and guide you through the different options available to create a floor you can be truly proud of.

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