FSC™ Certified Wood Flooring: What Does It Mean For You and the Planet?

FSC™ Certified Wood Flooring: What Does It Mean For You and the Planet?

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FSC™ Certified Wood Flooring: What Does It Mean For You and the Planet?

FSC Forest Stewardship Council
FSC Forest Stewardship Council

Did you know that forests cover 30% of the earth’s global land surface? If you want to truly go green as much as possible around your home, choosing wood flooring that is carried the FSC™ certified mark can help to drive the change our world so desperately needs. At WoodFloors4u, we are passionate about conservation and sustainability and we are committed to using as many FSC™ certified wood flooring products from reputable mills as possible.


What Does FSC™ Certified Mean?


If a product such as wood flooring, decking or outdoor garden furniture carries the FSC Certified label, it means that it meets the high standards set out by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC™ is a global non-profit organisation that is dedicated to ensuring that forestry is practised in an ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


At the forest level, the FSC™ sets out to guarantee that any felled timber is from a sustainable source. This system allows all timber to be tracked from its forest of origin and along its journey through sawmills, processing plants, transport routes and finally, the warehouse.


Understanding the Different FSC™ Labels


In the UK, the FSC™ ‘tick tree’ mark can be found on many things made from wood. From wood flooring and bird tables to wallpaper and sheds, if the product carries the FSC™ mark, it’s from a sustainable source.


There are three different FSC™ labels to look out for and be aware of:


100% FSC™ – Products originate from FSC™ certified forests

FSC™ Recycled – The wood comes from reclaimed materials

FSC™ Mix – The wood is made from 70% FSC™ certified or recycled wood and 30% controlled wood


What FSC™ Certified Wood Means For Our Customers


By offering FSC™ certified wood flooring, our customers can be confident they are making environmentally sound choices for their project. Whether you are replacing a floor in your home, planning a commercial project or building a new sustainable property, you can do so with a clear conscience and help to reduce any adverse environmental effects caused by forestry practices.


The Gold Standard in Engineered Wood Flooring


The FSC™ certification is widely recognised as the “gold standard” in wood that has been harvested by responsibly managed forests. When you buy wood planks with the FSC’s stamp of approval, you can be confident that the wood comes from a source that is environmentally conscious, socially beneficial and economically viable.


Change the Wood You Use, Not the Climate


To find out more about our FSC™ certified wood flooring and how you can make a difference, speak to our friendly team today. We would be delighted to tell you more. You can also visit us at our warehouse showroom to discover the beauty of our wood collections for yourself. Just look for the ‘tick tree’ logo for the peace of mind that you are choosing wood that’s good for the planet.

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