Bespoke Wood Flooring – Have any Finish you Desire

Bespoke Wood Flooring – Have any Finish you Desire

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Bespoke Wood Flooring – Have any Finish you Desire

Bespoke Wood Flooring

Adding wooden floors to properties (both residential and commercial) for added style and luxury can also significantly improve their value.   WoodFloors4U have been helping homeowners, designers, contractors and DIY’ers to find and create premium wood floors to match existing styles or to create a completely new look in rooms with wooden flooring.

How to choose your bespoke wood flooring colour:-

We specialise in tonnes of wood flooring, pre-finished and unfinished floors. The unfinished range is supplied “as it is” or selected to be tailored to our clients choice. Typically you can choose the finish of your bespoke wood flooring from our vast range of bespoke colour samples or match to anything you have a reference of. For example your kitchen cabinets.

From many years of experience and customer consultations, we have built up an expertise in trends, colours and finishes within the flooring industry. Our hardwood floors help you design and discover the hundreds of different ranges of shades, textures and boards available to suit your project.

Websites like Houzz display beautiful interior designs with previous projects and idea books to help kick start your vision.

Before the process

Each piece of wood is individually handled by our finishers and test swatches will be done on the selected wood as they all react differently to oils/stains. Once the test swatch has been cured and approved by the client the wood will then be but through the many different possible processes in order to achieve the exact colour desired.

The finishing Process

The wood flooring will now, depending on colour, be lightly sanded or buffed to expose its grain. The wood is then lightly fumed to provide a base, again this is all dependent on the finish that is to be achieved.

Once a base colour is selected the finishing process could take up to 9 different applications which will include light buffing between each application.

Adding wood floor finishes

Like a Hard wax or Lacquer if preferably done straight after achieving the desired finish. This is as is helps to seal the bespoke colour and the actually wood flooring from any sort of moisture or dirt. All finishing is carried out by our skilled craftsmen and should not be done by an amateur.

To see examples of our previous customers bespoke tailored orders please visit our WoodFloors4U Houzz page.


bespoke wood floor colour tiles by WoodFloors4U

(Take a look at our previous bespoke wood flooring colours –

Our services go beyond crafting custom finishes. At Woodfloors4u, we have the capability to perfectly match the color or texture that you desire, ensuring the creation of an outstanding floor that creates an atmosphere of excellence and artisanal craftsmanship.

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