What’s the best colour floor for me?

What’s the best colour floor for me?

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What’s the best colour floor for me?

What is the best colour choice for my floor?

When choosing a specific colour for your hardwood flooring it can be a daunting task.
With so many stains, finishes and styles of wood flooring this may be the most difficult part when it comes to it. Once it’s down there’s no going back… or is there?

The natural beauty of wood is that it is a reusable product, hence where reclaimed wood flooring comes from. For the most part, the majority of flooring laid is manufactured and new when sold. It can come either finished or unfinished. You may have a rough idea in terms of a dark, light or medium colours that you would like to match an existing or soon to be existing decor. A pre-ordering tip is it may be best to check online for images of different types of decor similar to your own. Compare the type of colours used for the flooring. Fashion is constantly changing so you may be surprised when colours you may not have thought of sway your final decision.

Another tip is to get a sample of the flooring when you have a rough idea of the colour you’re trying to achieve. Physically seeing the sample in your hand and perhaps placing it alongside existing decor to match up, you have a more accurate choice when deciding what to go for.

Furthermore, don’t just choose a flooring colour because you can’t find the one you’re after.
WoodFloors4u provide a bespoke hand finishing service whereby virtually any colour is achievable.
With a colour sample, we can colour match to an unfinished board of your choice from our products.

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