Versailles Panel Limed Oak Brushed Oiled 600 x 600mm

Versailles Panel Limed Oak Brushed Oiled 600 x 600mm

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Versailles Panel Limed Oak Brushed Oiled 600 x 600mm

£143.98 Inc Vat

Limed Oak Versailles Panels

Versailles Limed Oak panels are a true elevation from standard wood floors. Achieving a timeless elegant and grandeur look.

The panels have a history from many centuries ago.

Used in Palaces and castles in France, and now into our homes.

Each panel is handcrafted meticulously using seasoned Oak with geometric cut pieces, all hand inlayed into each panel.

The panel is not stained.  A complicated application method is used to create a rich tone by smoking it first with different methods in a sealed chamber.

The panels are steel brushed removing any soft core from the surface.

This leaves an exposed grain that displays the natural beauty of the oak.

The panel is oiled by hand creating a limed effect.

Each pack contains five panels covering 1.8m2.

*Samples are available. Please contact the office on 0208 500 1940.

Versailles Limed Oak Panels

Versailles Limed Oak Panels that epitomize timeless elegance with their intricate patterns and exquisite detailing. Inspired by the classic French parquet style,  these panels add a touch of regal charm to any room, creating a statement piece that stands the test of time.

Panel Width 600mm  Corporate-Logo
Panel Length 600mm
Thickness 4/18mm
Finish Limed, White Washed, Brushed & Oiled
Specie Oak
Grade Classic
Construction Engineered Panel, Micro-Bevelled Edges
Profile Tongue & Groove
Warranty 20 years (Residential)
Underfloor Heating Yes Suitable

Versailles Oak, Limed, Brushed & Oiled

Handcrafted Artistry: Each Limed Oak Versailles Panel is a masterpiece in itself. Our skilled artisans meticulously handcraft and assemble every panel to perfection, ensuring the highest level of quality and attention to detail. The result is a flooring masterpiece that showcases unparalleled artistry.

The limed oak finish offers a unique and refined look. This technique involves the application of a special lime treatment that lightens the natural oak color, enhancing the grain pattern and creating a beautiful contrast.

The panels are the brushed, removing any soft core from the surface to expose the natural beauty of the grain. Providing a lovely feel and texture.

UV resistant oil applied to Every panel to nourish and protect against colour fade. All panels sustainably sourced.

Crafted with precision and using high-quality Oak backed with a Eucalyptus base, these panels offer exceptional durability and resilience. Engineered to withstand the test of time.  Designed to withstand heavy foot traffic whilst maintaining their beauty.

Enhanced Property Value: Enhance the value of your property, by installing WoodFloors4U’s luxurious Limed Oak Versailles Panels.

As a home owner or property developer, investing in this exquisite flooring option is a wise choice that adds prestige and allure to any space.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring consists of two or more layers of wood adhered together to form a plank. Typically, engineered wood uses a thin layer (lamella) of oak bonded to a core constructed from a ply base.  The structure formed with each layer at a 90° angle to the layer above.

Installed on many subfloors. Engineered wood is the most common type of wood flooring in Europe. It has been growing in popularity in North America.

Tongue & Groove

One side and one end of the plank has a groove. The other side and end have a tongue (protruding wood along an edge’s centre). The tongue & groove fit snugly together, aligning the planks, whilst hiding the joint.

Tongue & Groove installation methods:

  • Glue-down method (Engineered and Solid)
  • Floating method with an underlay (Engineered only)
  • Nail-down method (Engineered and Solid).


See WoodFloors4U full range of Versailles panels.




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