Stauf Cold PVA Glue L D3 Adhesive 750ml

Stauf Cold PVA Glue L D3 Adhesive 750ml

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Stauf Cold PVA Glue L D3 Adhesive 750ml

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Adhesive for wood, floating parquet and laminated floors 750ml


Water-based glue, solvent free, for bonding of wooden self-locking floors and laminates. It guarantees a quick setting, a total transparency and water resistance in D3 class (according to DIN EN 204 norm). Suitable also for bonding small wooden parts.


Stauf cold glue

– Easy to use

– Solvent free

– Odourless

– Quick setting

– Completely transparent

– D3 water resistance

Stauf cold glue

Product number
Special features
water-resistant gluing
fast setting
Suitable subfloors
Softwood, hardwood and exotic timber
Product properties
ready for use
high final strength
resistant against cold water
short pressing time
almost no discoloration during application
Stauf cold glue
Required quantities per m²
Laminate: approx.15 g per meter,
Chipboards OSB: approx 30 g per meter
Open time
approx. 9 minutes at 20 °C
after approx. 24 hours
Room climate at work site
minimum 15 °C, maximum 75% rel. humidity, preferably max. 65%
Storage requirements
12 months
Available Packaging
750 g plastic bottle



Usage with laminate flooring: Apply glue to the top of the tongue of the installed element and to the lower cheek of the groove of the element to be added on the side and front end. Press elements together firmly so that glue oozes out from the joint over its complete length. Remove excess glue with a damp cloth. Usage with engineered wood flooring and chipboards: Apply glue over the complete length of top and bottom side of the tongue. Press elements together firmly. Remove excess glue with a damp cloth. Liquid glue shall not come into contact with metal! Therefore use plastic, glass or ceramic containers instead of metal, also avoid working with rusty Stauf cold glue brushes.

Limitation of Liability

The foregoing representations are based on the results of our most current product and material testing and are of a non-obligatory advisory nature only since we have no control over the actual quality of workmanship, materials used and worksite conditions. As such, they do not constitute an express or implied warranty of any kind. The same applies to our commercial and technical consultation services which are provided free-of-charge and without obligation. Therefore, we strongly recommend that prior on-site testing be conducted to observe and study the suitability of the product for the intended purpose. With the release of this technical information, all prior technical information (technical data sheets, installation recommendations and other information regarding similar purposes) becomes invalid Stauf cold glue


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